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Can't give access to virtual terminal

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  • Can't give access to virtual terminal

    I went into the C&P portal and added a user, giving her process credit cards and salesforce virtual terminal, but when she goes to Organization Login in Connect, she only has access to the NY Page. I am trying to give access to another account as well, USA. Account number 26953. User - amanda

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    Good day @Kate,

    You may use the autoresponder but you stated that the email needs to go to the attendees. The Autoresponder works only for the person that makes the payment, namely the registrants.

    Attendees' email are sent from the event management as they are not the one that is making the payment. For attendees you use the Event - Registration Emails. The Registration Emails may also be used to send email to the registrant.

    The main platform (PaaS) processes information for the person that makes the payment. In case of event you have the person that makes the payment as well as all those that are registered as attendees.

    Depending on what you wish to do the options are different.

    Hope that answers your question
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      ? I'm confused, as I didn't ask about the autoresponder. I think I'll jump back into live support - yesterday it was packed! Let's make it two in a row!