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  • Category filter not working

    I created a campaign and used the categories of Environment, Community and Society, and Human Services and Aid. When I filter the main Connect page to one of these categories, our campaign does not appear. Only 6 items appear when I filter by Environment and that seems low, so maybe this is a broader issue than just with my campaign. Any idea what's happening? Thanks!

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    Good day Tracy,

    Sorry this question was missed.

    The filter is based on what is on the first page and not what is in the entire database. In other words the filter is a different view of the first page.

    The first consists of the last 100 organizations that have received donations and each filter shows the organizations within that 100 that are in that category. If you wish for your organization to show up in that list simply make a donation (any amount) and it will be shown as long as it is not replaced by other organizations receiving money.

    We will increase the number of organizations over time as we calibrate the load and requirements. For now it is limited to the last 100 organizations.

    I hope that answers your question.
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