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Donation not created on SF/NPSP

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  • Donation not created on SF/NPSP


    I downloaded CnP version 6.9 and tried it out on NPSP. I was able to create an advanced check out pages with custom questions. I put the page in "Test" mode and use the test credit card number. When I hit "Submit", the transaction appears to go through successfully and I got a notification email. However, the donation is not created on NPSP. I got this error:

    Sorry, but we have encountered an error while posting the data to your Salesforce account.

    The following is additional information:
    Order number: 1302031809031461111
    Contact name: xxx xxx

    System response:
    "Insert failed. First exception on row 0; first error: REQUIRED_FIELD_MISSING, Required fields are missing: [Donor__c]: [Donor__c]"

    Could you please help?

    Thank you!

    Thu :-)

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    Good day Thu,

    The error you are referring to simply means you have a CONTACT field that is made mandatory and as a result we can't create the contact.

    Do you have any required fields that are added to your Contact or Account field and made mandatory?

    Typically this happens when mandatory fields don't have a default value.
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