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  • Adding a product to a form

    Hello. I am having trouble adding a product to a form I am building in portal. I cannot find where to add the product even though the page is built and the product assigned. We would like to sell products via Click and Pledge and I am having a hard time making the portal work. Is the portal still working? Is it the best way to sell products via C&P. Are there any how-to documents or videos that explain the basics? How to build a store? Assign shipping, etc? The current link to the help page is far less that useful. We use Connect for several campaigns and C&P Events to sell tickets to our events. Neither of those will work as a store to add shipping so I have started exploring portal to see if this will be possible. We use Swiper1 for onsite selling of Items but we need a webpage, external method, so that our customers can purchase multiple items at once. Any help would be appreciated. I fell this should be much easier than I am finding. Thanks much.

    Here is the error on the page:
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    Good day @[email protected]

    Yes, it still works. Connect is the new platform and the legacy portal will retire soon. We are waiting for one last feature to be added to Connect before completely retiring the portal. Once we have the shopping cart in the Connect platform we will retire the Portal completely.

    However, if you please share the WID# and the product you would like to assign we will review it.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.
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      Thank you for the response and information. I look forward to the Cart option in the Connect platform. We use that often and it works great. The form I would like to add the product is WID=150502. The product is SHIFT - Curriculum Guide. We would also like to add shipping options to this product as well. I really appreciate the help! Please let me know if you need anything else from me.


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        Hello. I wanted to update this post. I was able to get the products to show on the the correct Checkout Page. I appreciate the support. My step step is to work on integrating this to Salesforce. If there is any documentation on setting this up I would greatly appreciate a link to that. Or to how the SKUs work in Portal. Thanks!