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  • Thank You format

    I understand that you have provided the PDF attachment option as a way for orgs to customize the thank you/receipt experience for their donors and I understand the challenges of spam filtering. However is it still possible to change some of the basics of the receipt if they are text based changes? We would be interested in changing the font, some spacing issues, location of the word "receipt", the starkness of the red warning box and the alignment of the bullets in the lower box.

    If it is not possible for individual orgs to customize the receipt, I would encourage the formatting improvements universally, I fear some of the current formatting quirks do not project confidence and security to donors.

    Happy to discuss directly if screen sharing would be helpful.


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    Good day!

    Thank you for the comment. The formatting does not have problem- the issue is in some clients the HTML behaves differently.

    Since it is impossible to satisfy everyone with a single solution we are currently working on a Receipt Builder option for the portal. The receipt builder allows for anyone to develop their own HTML receipt and do whatever they want. We will provide run-time variables where they will be replaced with values prior to emailing.

    The feature provides unlimited number of receipts to be designed and assigned to each checkout page. It will be an easy way for us to satisfy everyone.

    The scheduled release date for this feature is the first week of December.

    Hope that helps with what you are trying to achieve.
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      great. We look forward to the update.


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        Any progress on the Receipt Builder?