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Changing receipt/thank you over course of a recurring payment?

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  • Changing receipt/thank you over course of a recurring payment?

    If a donor (or staff through virtual terminal) set up a recurring donation through a checkout page that is later changed to be inactive is it possible to change or update the thank you/receipt the donor receives or will they always receive the thank you message as it existed at the time of recurring gift creation? &nbsp;i.e. to change the thank you message to highlight or not highlight time sensitive campaigns?&nbsp; Or to fix a number formatting or tax deductible mistake?<br><br>Thanks<br><br>

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    Good day!

    Recurring transactions are saved and simply replicated for the duration of the recurring payments.

    The challenge is that organizations may change the info for a checkout page and not realize that the information is being used by all their recurring payments associated with that checkout page's messages.

    This is a challenge-- how to make sure information is not changed for all future receipts?

    With the new receipt services, currently being developed, receipts may be created and associated with certain actions. Each page may have its own different receipt and naturally organizations may assign a receipt format to recurring donations and other formats to their checkout pages.

    The receipt services will offer a lot of flexibility and we believe it will solve a number of these issues.
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      Thanks! Look forward to the new functionality.