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  • How do I get some help?

    I had someone make a payment through Click and Pledge SIX DAYS AGO! It still has not showed up in my account. I have sent emails to click and pledge but no response.

    Is is asking too much to get a little help?

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    I have contacted TransFirst on your behalf & inquired about this deposit. Based on their records the deposit was returned due to incorrect routing & account number. In other words, the information you had provided for the deposit account appears to be incorrect.

    The payment is on hold until you contact TransFirst (800-571-6199) and provide them with valid banking information.

    In reference to replying to your email - you first contacted us with case number: VNS-592707 and we replied back on October 11, 20011. On that day we also contacted the bank and forwarded your case for inquiry. The inquiry information was received today. The transaction you are inquiring about happened on Friday and the deposit was supposed to occur on Wednesday, due to the Columbus day banking holiday on Monday. It takes 48 hours for bounced deposits to be relayed back to the merchant account provider. So all said and done, it took 7 days to find out the bounce which is today.

    We take all inquiries serious and respond to all questions immediately. Please contact Transfirst immediately and provide them with correct banking information.

    Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
    Click & Pledge Support Department

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