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How to pre-register credit cards for events

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  • How to pre-register credit cards for events


    I am looking to set up a system to pre-registering credit cards through our online registration page and at the door of the event for guest to use for a paddle raise and auction purchases. The ideas our team have come up with include: providing a check box to indicate the guest would like to pre-register the card used at online registration and pull a report of those transactions with the check box; both before and at the event door, have a separate pre-registration page that would run a $0 transaction and pull a report of those transactions (particularly if a guest wants to use a different card than used for online registration).

    Please share any guidance, suggestions, or what has worked for your events in the past.


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    Good day @jaron_wcv

    You have posted this in Legacy Forms & Portal. Are you referring to Checkout pages in legacy portal OR C&P Events in Salesforce OR Auctions for Salesforce?

    However, in legacy forms and in C&P Events we don't have option to pre-authorize the card but if you are using Auctions then you may do it while CheckIn process.
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      Hi there,

      My apologies for posting this in Legacy Forms & Portal - please move this post to the correct forum.

      We are using C&P Events in Salesforce for our registration, but do not plan to use Auctions for Salesforce. Can you recommend any other solutions to allow for pre-registering credit cards before or on the night of the event?



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        Good day @jaron_wcv
        As said earlier in C&P Events, we don't have an option to pre-authorize the credit card. But we can do custom payment and later it can be processed through credit card.