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    I am working with a client that is using an advanced checkout page for sports registration - I have the page in test mode and the transactions are processing (checked connect), but I'm missing where I indicate what campaign it gets connected to?? Do I need to go int Paas and use the WID to finalize the integration of the page and SF. Any help you can offer would be good.

    Also, the test records show up in the temp contacts. Do I simply delete the temp contact transaction to remove it?



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    any updates on this @CnP.Support.AM???


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      Good day ctugwell

      Sorry for the delay in responding to this.

      Test Transactions: Please DO NOT delete transactions manually. The best way to delete a transaction is through the C&P Settings > Maintenance > Delete Transaction. You need to enter the order number & our our script will remove all traces of the transaction based on the selected options.

      As for your question.

      The legacy forms (advanced page) does not post to a Connect campaign. If you are referring to Connect campaigns, the two are not linked. If you want to connect the advanced transactions to a Salesforce campaign the best path is using SKU. Set the SKU for each item and then in Salesforce C&P Settings > Opportunity > Primary Campaign set the SKU and map it to a specific campaign.

      If the answer is not related to your question (we misunderstood your question) please provide additional explanation so we can provide further assistance.
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