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  • Change Content of Receipt

    I want to change some of the content on the receipts that are auto generated and emailed to donors (not the autoresponder, but the receipt).

    I know that we can use Custom Receipts in the new portal - but I don't want to build a new receipt, rather, I'd like to edit the receipt that we currently have turned on.

    Strangely, although no one has made any changes to the receipt, the receipts that have been going out are all different - for example, one batch didn't have a section we added about gifts being tax deductible the following receipts did have that section but didn't include the Tax ID #.

    I looked around in the legacy portal but couldn't find the section to edit the receipt. Thanks for your help!

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    This is the section that appears in some receipts, but not others. This section used to reflect our Tax ID number also. We have made no modifications to the receipt. All of the donations in question were made through the same checkout page.

    Please Note
    • Charitable contribution is the portion of your donation or purchase that may be tax deductible.
    • Your contribution is tax deductible to the extent allowed by governing laws.
    • Donors within the United States of America should check with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) publication 526 and publication 1771 and/or their tax advisor for further details.
    • Donors outside of the United States of America should review local laws and regulations for details.
    • Your credit card charges will be marked as paid to ACCESS WOMEN'S HEALTH.
    • All charges are made in US dollars($)- All exchange rates are set by the issuing card company and/or bank.


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      Good [email][email protected]ACCESSwhj

      Would you please share the Checkout Page WID# / Order number in the question?

      Looking forward to hearing back from you
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        Yes, thanks for waiting forever for my reply! The Checkout Page WID# is 69372
        There have been many order #s that have gotten this incomplete receipt. I actually made a donation recently and I received the autoresponder thank you email, but not the autogenerated receipt.


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          I just found the auto generated receipt for my donation, as an example. Order # 1701301637352264488 . It does not include the Tax ID# nor the "Please Note" text I included above.