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embedded virtual terminal in sandbox - C&P Account Number not in dropdown menu

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  • embedded virtual terminal in sandbox - C&P Account Number not in dropdown menu

    Hi! I'm setting up an embedded virtual terminal. In the portal, I had the option to do it in production or sandbox, so I chose sandbox, and put in the respective info for the sandbox (username, password, security token, org ID). When I try to set up a new eVt in C&P Embedded Virtual Terminal within Salesforce, the C&P Account Number dropdown does not show my accounts in it. What should I do next?

    The sandbox org ID is 00DP0000003ojlA and I've granted access. Thanks!

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    I see now that I don't have any C&P accounts set up in the sandbox. Since I already have a C&P account connected to my production org, does that mean that I can't test the eVt in the sandbox? I see from other threads that each C&P account can only connect to one Salesforce org. Therefore I assume that I can only create an eVt now in my production org, is that correct?
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      Hi mzellner,

      You are correct that the connection can only be connected to 1 salesforce instance. You can test Events in Production by setting the event to Test Mode. but for other forms of testing, it's best to run a similar transaction in the Virtual Terminal and use the Custom Payment Type option, and use the Campaign you wish to test. Then you can see what kind of notifications go out.

      Regards, C&P Support
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