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Two accounts, one Connect screen

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  • Two accounts, one Connect screen

    I now have two accounts with C&P and that's fine: 34570 is my original one, accessed through [email protected]
    The new one is 36869 and it was set up to use my [email protected] email account. (THANKS for setting it up)
    One can't see the other. Since both are for the midcoastseniorcollege (savings and checking), I need to have them on the same page in Connect.
    I changed the email in the legacy portal for 36869 to [email protected].

    IN the legacy portal I sign in as clare and get a choice of which acc't to access. In the Connect portal however, it only logs into the 34570. Not the 36869. THAT IS MY PROBLEM.
    Shouldn't I be able to see both in Connect at the same time?

    I have access to both in Salesforce, no problem.

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    Good day briegull

    It is important to note that user databases in Portal are NOT the same as the Connect platform. On October 5, when Connect 2.x went into production all ADMIN users were ported to Connect. Only administrators can login to Connect and once logged in they may set up any user with any profile.

    New users in Portal will NOT be able to access Connect. If you wish to login to Connect and you are not an administrator please contact the account administrator and ask that a new user be set up for your email.

    When you login to Connect, all accounts that have the same email address will be offered for login. If you wish to login to accounts with a single email, please add the same email address to both accounts. This may be done by the administrator.

    I hope that answers your question.
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      Okay. I now have both accounts set with the same password and am seeing the campaigns in both accounts when I log in. Is there somewhere in the Campaign settings that lets me say which account I want to use?
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        Good day @briegull

        Each Account is having there own Campaigns which cannot be listed in the other Accounts. You may create the same Campaign in the other Account.
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