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  • CiviCRM Click & Pledge Plugin Questions


    I've successfully configured my Click&Pledge plugin with a CiviCRM 3.3 (Joomla) installation and have completed a test transaction successfully. There is one problem, however. It seems that Click&Pledge does not notify CiviCRM of the completion of a payment (via IPN). I see where the notify_url variable is set, though it appears to only be configured for instances of recurring payments.

    Some questions, then:
    1. Does Click&Pledge work with IPN for CiviCRM event registrations and single contributions?
    2. Is 'notify_url' the variable that should be passed to Click & Pledge?
    3. Will CiviCRM be able to understand the IPN information? It seems as though there is a missing file or two for the CiviCRM plugin which handles IPN data coming back from Click & Pledge (/CRM/Core/Payments/ClickAndPledgeIPN.php and /extern/ClickAndPledgeNotify.php) and that notify_url should be pointing to this custom /extern/ script instead of the default ipn.php which is used by PayPal.

    This is a crucial functionality as CiviCRM will only presume that payments are "Pending" without either the IPN or manually changing the status and copying the transaction ID from Click&Pledge. From what I can tell, this is not handled by the Return URL.

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    Good day.

    Currently the module has an issue and it is scheduled to be addressed within the month. The problem you are reporting needs to be addressed - until then it will not function correctly. We have a scheduled update to our Salesforce module coming soon and then we will resolve the reported issue with the CiviCRM module.
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