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Need help on receipt footer - default says something about Efunds Test Account?

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  • Need help on receipt footer - default says something about Efunds Test Account?

    I didn't design our default receipt - but I have noticed that in our footer there is this line:
    • Your credit card charges will be marked as paid to eFunds Test Account.
    What is this line supposed to be referring to or pointing to that maybe I haven't pointed it to? Should we be able to map this to something they said they wanted the donation to go towards? I'm thinking that whoever setup the original receipt didn't notice this line or know what to do with it, unless it's new from an update somewhere.

    If there's a specific purpose, I'd like to see if I can use it. If not, I want to delete the line.

    We are integrated with Salesforce; the receipt is the "RCCF Default Receipt" in Designer. Our SF ID is 00D1a000000YF55 and you have access.

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    Good day @Leslie Cox

    Those are the default receipt which we are providing with some text. You need to modify the receipt text according your needs. However, the reason it has been added into the template because earlier we do have eFund accounts. Since, the banking has been changed those type of accounts has been converted into Merchant account.

    Hope that answers your question. Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
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      Thank you, that does help some. Since I don't recognize what it would be paying into and can't tell what I would replace it with, I guess I will just remove that line from the receipt.