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Editing recurring transaction interval

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  • Editing recurring transaction interval

    We have a recurring transaction that needs adjustment. It shows that the interval is "indefinite" and we need to set it to something much smaller (1 year).
    When I open up the first monthly transaction she made I select the transaction and the "edit recurring" option.
    However, the only field it lets me actually edit is her email address. The interval that says "indefinite" is not editable. How do I change this? Thanks.

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    Good day Joan R.

    The interval cannot be changed. What you need to do is to cancel the recurring and simply using the Virtual Terminal lookup the person and establish a new recurring transaction for the patron with the correct interval and amount.

    You do not need the person's credit card as the token may be used for the new transaction. Simply use the "Card on File" option and process the transaction with the correct information.

    Hope that helps.
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