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  • No Thank You Section for Editing

    We are new to C&P and are trying to set up our first campaign. I've created two differnt easy pages and when I get to step 7 there is no "thank you" section for me to edit. I've watched the video tutorial and it shows a "thank you" section, but it is not available on my end. This functionality is critical for our organization and I'm guessing most orgs. Please help.

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    Good day!

    The "Thank you" message has been removed from the checkout pages and the "Organization Information" field size has been extended to 1500 characters. The field will appear on the receipt below the organization name.

    Since you are starting new, have you considered using the Connect platform? Http:// - the same userid & password may be used here.

    We have a number of KB articles:

    By next year the old checkout pages and the portal will retire and the new platform (Connect) will take its place. We strongly suggest that you start using the Connect platform.

    We have daily office hours that you may attend and discuss any questions you may have:

    Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
    Click & Pledge Support Department

    Join us @ the educational webinars:
    Live Support- read more: