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Charging Transaction Fees to Donor

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  • Charging Transaction Fees to Donor

    Hello Awesome C&P Staff,

    I have a quick question - Is it possible to setup a donation checkout page (or Wordpress Gravity Forms or Drupal donation page) that allows the option for the donor to pay for the transaction fee connected to the donation they're planning to make?


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    Good day!

    I guess one can create a formula field that calculates the total and adds the fee as another item.

    Of course the actual fee will be calculated on the Total which is equal to the sub-total + fee - hope that makes sense. It is a simple equation.

    This, of course, is a major deterrent and we always wonder why some non-profits consider processing fee any different than the fees they pay for rent, telephone, CRM's, etc. - all are costs of doing business. If someone is donating $100 and now we are asking them to pay $103 will they not simply say consider my donation is $97 and use the rest for the fee.

    Based on our understanding Visa & MasterCard do not allow for the consumer to pay for the fees - the only industry that is allowed to do this is the rental business.

    As far as we are concerned you may pass any item as a line item and we will process it.

    Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
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