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payments failing for US credit cards at non-US location

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  • payments failing for US credit cards at non-US location

    We've got payments failing for many of our clients with a mysterious:
    "Sorry! We were unable to complete your transaction"
    Click image for larger version

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    I suspect this is due to the fact that most of these payments are using US credit cards from a Cambodian IP address. I find that if I whitelist their email addresses payments happen normally.

    Turning off fraud protection does not seem to have an effect.
    Most troubling to me is that the attempts don't appear in any of the reports that I've run. That is, these don't come back as declined. Am I missing something?

    Our payment page:

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    Good day!

    We have reviewed your account & here are a few observations. By the way if you disable fraud we no longer will check fraud and if the card is valid it will be authorized. I strongly suggest that you be careful since once disabled your organization will carry 100% of the liability for fraud charges.

    Here is what we see with your account:
    • Almost 100% of all blocked transactions appear to be coming through a proxy connection. We block 100% of transactions if they are coming through an anonymous proxy or proxies in the global database of high risk proxies.
    • Almost all transactions are being scored at 99% fraud probability by the 2 companies we use for fraud analysis.
    • Several IP addresses are transacting large number of transactions with varying cards and emails.
    • Typical fraud score for our clients is 0.1 whereas the ones that are blocked in your account are scored at 500+

    I understand that you are receiving money from various countries but some of these transactions are coming from anonymous proxies and high risk networks. We have carefully reviewed these transactions and can't possibly figure out how we can relax our filters to allow these to come through. The weights are so high and signatures are so "hacker type" that is is almost impossible to make them clean.

    You may easily see the transactions that are blocked by logging into the Connect platform. If you whitelist fraud with your page you will not be checked for fraud and as such 100% of all transactions will be processed. It is a risky call but one that you can enable with the checkout page.

    Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
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