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New payment forms on new Connect platform?

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  • New payment forms on new Connect platform?

    Hi C&P team, I attended your great webinar a few weeks ago about the next generation of the Connect platform that will have more customizable options for checkout pages. You mentioned that the new Connect platform would launch in August. Do you have a specific date when it will be up and running? I would love to use the new payment forms in our upcoming membership drive but need to plan ahead for the timing.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Good day @BicycleColorado,

    It is scheduled to release in this month but dates are not yet disclosed. Please keep eye on the news section. A notice will be posted to the News section. If you subscribe to that forum you will automatically be notified anytime we have an update.

    Here is the link:

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      Any release date on the new Connect platform yet?


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        Good day briegull

        Today we reached a peace treaty between our developers, testers, and marketing. It was a historic moment and the date has been firmly confirmed to be October 4, 2016

        We will keep you posted if the peace treaty is broken.
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          Fantastic!! I am returning from vacation on October 3. I'll hold you/them to your date!!