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Clarification of Charge Date for Recurring Transactions

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  • Clarification of Charge Date for Recurring Transactions

    I checked documentation, but unable to locate answer. If we have donors able to specify occurrence of recurring donations (monthly, e.g.) and they make their gift on 3/31, will the system only charge them on the next month containing 31 days OR will it charge them on the last day of the next month, regardless of the numerical date?

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    Good day!

    Good question- the recurring is done based on the internal methods in calculations of dates. You may test this in Excel.

    We don't use a date & add 30 days or 31 days to the start date, we use the system internal functions to add a week, month, etc.

    This causes little subtle differences but there is not much one can do about it - for example:

    December 31 + 1 month will be January 31
    January 31 + 1 month will be February 28
    February 28 + 1 month will be March 28

    Given the above February 28 is typically the highest volume of recurring payments as I am sure you see why.

    I hope that answers your question.
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