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Separting out shipping cost for a Premium on a recurring donation

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  • Separting out shipping cost for a Premium on a recurring donation

    Hi there,

    I'm setting up our first checkout page using donations with premiums, and I'm running into an issue with shipping costs.

    We have a donation option where a premium will be sent if someone sets up a monthly recurring donation of $5 or more. We want to charge $2 to ship this item, and I've been able to set up the carrier, rate, etc. and assign that to the premium without issue.

    However, when it comes time to checkout, the $2 shipping charge is lumped in to the recurring donation, and rather than making a $5 recurring donation with a one-time shipping charge of $2, the page is adding the donation and the shipping together and setting up a $7 recurring donation, effectively charging our donors for shipping each month.

    How can I separate out the one-time shipping cost from the recurring portion of the transaction? I can't imagine I'm the first person to run into this issue, so hopefully there's a solution already out there!


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    Good day!

    A transaction is set for recurring and not its items. A recurring transaction processes the entire recurring and elements cannot be removed from the recurring.

    In this case the shipping cannot be set so it is not included in the recurring. If a transaction is set to recurring all aspects of it will recur.

    Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
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