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  • Product Description Limit Error

    I get a message when trying to write a product description longer than approx. 373 characters (including spaces) that tells me I have exceeded the product description limit, but the field says Please describe your product (up to 1000 characters). There seems to be something wrong. Can someone please fix this?

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    Good day!

    The text for product description is of 1000 characters limit but when you copy and paste the text, it adds some html tags to it, so it is more than 1000 characters. You can see under this editor those tags by clicking on "<>" (HTML Text) icon beside the pencil icon.

    To remove the html tags, simply copy the text and paste it in notepad and copy it from notepad and paste it in product description. This way it will remove all the html tags from the text.

    Please check and let us know if you find any issues.

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