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Matching Gift functionality at migration of old portal to connect

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  • Matching Gift functionality at migration of old portal to connect

    I have access to the instructions about the Double the Donation integration with C&P, but noticed one thing and have some questions. When going into the account to activate the integration in the "old portal", that particular section says “Double the Donation Activation [Connect forms only]”. My understanding of that statement is that only the forms in the Connect portal will integrate Double the Donation into the donation process. If the “old portal” is being migrated this summer (do we have a date?) then will that be available for all the form types (campaigns and checkout pages) once the old portal is merged to the Connect portal? I also heard hat the old portal allows somehow for the matching gift options to be put into the confirmation page and such (I have not found that information yet) but want to know what may be possible or not once the portal is upgraded.

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    Good day!

    Double the Donation is now part of Connect & as you stated not at all in the old portal forms. In general we will not be able to place the DoubleTheDonation in the thank you page of the form since, once the transaction authorizes the data will post to Salesforce. If the information is placed in the Thank You page we will not be able to post the data to Salesforce.

    In Salesforce a lot happens when this data posts and transactions & opportunities are created.

    The new Connect forms are currently under testing and our ETA for the release of this forms is in August (2 months from now).

    Portal will retire next year (hopefully) as we need to make sure our clients have time to move their forms into the new designs. A lot will be happening this year with Connect and training and educating our clients about all the new capabilities will not an overnight effort. Unless we are sure that all clients are ported the old portal will not go away.

    As a point to keep in mind, in August all features of the old portal will be available in Connect except the advanced page. The shopping cart feature offered in the Advanced Pages will be completed by early '17 as it is a major product by itself - more on this later.

    Please let us know if we can be of more assistance.
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