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Click and pledge system locks out some clients --- help we need them!

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  • Click and pledge system locks out some clients --- help we need them!

    Hello, I am a web designer and volunteer for two charities. I was the one that was locked out of the click and pledge payment system when I was trying to pay for a sponsored child in Africa. My payment would not go through. I subsequently paid by check.. Then I tried to buy tickets to a fund-raiser for the other charity and my payment would not go through again.. I phoned Click and Pledge but they did not fix it.. I just had another lady call me that wanted to buy tickets to a fundraiser and the same thing happened to her. Because of the problem, she will not be attending.. This is a real problem. We are loosing valuable funding for our charity. I will try and send this message to support if I can find that link... Please Help. thank you. Elizabeth Wallace (Crossroads Springs Africa and The Stables At Knox)

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    Good day!

    Please see:

    Based on what you are saying and in the absence of more information, the most probable cause is Fraud blacklist. If you are processing on behalf of a client you should use the virtual terminal and not your forms. Our system monitors your activity and given charges coming from the same IP with different credit cards your information will be blacklisted. Once blacklisted no matter what you do you will be blacklisted. Any email, any IP from your computer will be blocked.

    We understand the frustration but we have customers, on a daily basis, that are attacked by fraudsters validating credit cards. Organizations get hit by 50,000 transactions in 15 minutes - imagine having to reverse those charges and pay the fraud chargeback fees of $35/charge. I am sure you realize that the fraud getting through will impact you quite harder.

    Please review the article and use the virtual terminal as the organization. Virtual terminal is not monitored by fraud. You could also easily see the reason for decline in the Connect platform by looking up the transaction. The reason for decline is indicated.

    We can remove your IP address if you provide us with the Click & Pledge account number and the date the transactions were done.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.
    Click & Pledge Support Department

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