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  • iframe dynamic height

    I need to use the Connect C&P checkout page widget in order to have use of the types of custom questions it allows which other donation form options do not provide. I would very much like to set the HEIGHT of the iframe to be dynamic. I have seen other posts on this same issue but I haven't found one that appears to answer this need - can we make the iframe height be dynamic - OR - get the entire donation/checkout form show on ONE page? I will appreciate any help you can offer. Thank you!

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    Good day!

    Currently the height cannot be dynamically adjusted. There are Javascripts that may be added but I have not seen one that works in all browsers.

    At this time, the Connect forms, are as they are and they are in multiple pages. In July 2016 we will be releasing a family of new forms that do exactly as you are asking. The new form builder will give you the very flexibility you need.

    Sorry that I cannot be of more help at this time.
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      HI -- I'm using the new form builder and I am not getting "all the flexibility I need". What should the iframe code look like in order to get the form to just be on one page on desktop and mobile? Scrolling within a web page is really awkward and I'm very concerned that my org will lose donations because of this usability problem. -Jen