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Swiper1- Processed charges do not include contact address, or phone.

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  • Swiper1- Processed charges do not include contact address, or phone.

    The previous credit card swiper I used through Intuit would allow me to run a report to get any address information for the customer, which we would then manually enter into SalesForce. I do not see this feature presently when I run reports and it leaves the customers as Temporary Contacts. If they are in our system, we can move them to the correct account, but if they are new, we are left with no information.
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    Good day!

    Credit card magnetic stripe does not have address, email, or any other information for that matter. The 3 track card data includes Name ( full name without any indicator for first or last name ), credit card and expiration date. We simply parse the data and assume that the first name breaks after the first space. Using the parsed data we fill the appropriate fields.

    I cannot imagine how Intuit can possible have such a huge security and privacy breach by revealing someone's address, phone, and email through the credit card. It is borderline scary -- imagine losing your credit card only to find out that someone now has your home address, phone number, and email.

    The reason address is not included is simply a way to verify security and AVS since using a card without proper address will return an AVS code indicating the variation in the address versus what is in the card holder's statement.

    Sorry but at this time we do not have this feature and cannot imagine how we could possibly offer it.
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