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Swap donation/premium order on EASY PAGE

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  • Swap donation/premium order on EASY PAGE

    We decided to go back to easy pages, for fewer clicks and mobile friendliness. My checkout page has both donations and thank you gifts. But let's say a donor chooses a 500.00 donation option, and then goes down to thank you gifts and selects a gift with a 100.00 price point, the donation total at checkout is 600.00.

    If the order were reversed, they could select the gift at 100.00 and then add the additional 400.00 in the donation section below.

    Thanks! Nell

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    Good day!

    I am sorry but I have a hard time understanding what you are trying to do.

    The easy page allow for donations only and there is no section for gift - I guess if you are using the "Friendly" design there is a section for product - is that what you are using?

    I can't quite understand what you mean by "if the order were reversed".

    Please clarify.
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