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Display "Your public comment (Optional)" in email receipt

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  • Display "Your public comment (Optional)" in email receipt

    We are testing the Widget on our site and one of the fields is "Your public comment (Optional)". We can find the contents of this field by drilling down through the transaction details in the XML code on the "C&P Data Detail" page. That XML code reads like this:

    <Value>***comment here***</Value>

    This field is not a custom question; it is a default field in the Widget.

    I don't seem to find a way to add this comment in the email receipt as none of the Merge Field titles in C&P Designer seem to match.

    Is there a way to display this comment another way? Or is this comment used in some social media feature of C&P/Salesforce and is not accessible?

    Could it be added to C&P Designer? Why isn't it stored in the XML file like so:

    <SocialComment>***comment here***</SocialComment>

    Yours truly,