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Do zero dollar transactions post?

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  • Do zero dollar transactions post?

    We have a checkout page that contains two line items. The amount of each is fixed by our system. The customer merely puts in cc info and submits the form. Sometimes one of the line items is set to 0 (zero dollars). When we processed this in test-mode, the confirmation email displayed 2 transactions, one of which was of zero value. That may be useful on a confirmation email, but does that zero value line get passed to the credit card company and display on their credit card statement? If so, are we paying transaction fees for it?


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    Good day!

    To be exact- we do not send line items to the bank so they only see the name of the organization and the total charged. So if they have 5 items totally $100 they see only one line item for total of $100.

    Free items have no fees associated with them. A free transaction is zero cost since it does not post to the bank.

    Again please note that a transaction is a single authorization not 10 authorizations based on 10 items in the basket.

    Hope that answers your question.
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