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Why check number for echeck?

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  • Why check number for echeck?

    I am using both the easy form and the mobile form. I have e-check enabled. On both forms, when someone donates by e-check there is a mandatory check number field. I think this will confuse people who maybe don't use checks but only use debit cards. They don't know what the check number should be. For them, they are not writing a paper check, so why would they want to use a check number? Do they have to look at their checkbook (which very few people carry these days)?

    Also, how does this work if someone chooses to do a recurring payment? Obviously they won't be filling in the form again since their bank account will just automatically be debited on the recurring payment dates.

    Is there a way to remove the check number field from these forms? I think it's confusing to the donor. If I don't understand how it works, they may not either. Thanks.

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    Hello, is anyone looking at this forum and answering customer questions? I need an answer to this. I have donors who are confused and that's not a good problem for a nonprofit!!!!!! HELP!

    ALL other forums I post on for various products always reply either immediately or in a few hours. What's up?


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      Good day!

      Sorry for the late reply as our team has been extremely busy with the new release.

      "Check Number" has been in the form for over 14 years and we have never head of an issue with it. I have requested the name to be reconsidered for the forms in Connect. Currently the portal forms, e.g. Classic, Friendly, etc. are all under code freeze as they are being ported to the new Connect platform. The Connect forms will be considered for the requested change.

      Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
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        Okay, thanks.