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  • reconciling eCheck deposit

    Hello - I am writing on behalf of a client. They have a number of recurring eCheck transactions, most of which come through on the 1st and 2nd day of the month and are then funded a couple days later. The total of the eChecks on the 1st of the month is $816.50 and on the second is $301. In addition, there are credit cards that also recur on these dates bringing the total to $836.50 and $311, respectively. When I run the reports in Salesforce and the settlement report in C&P for these two dates in both December and January, these are the amounts that show up as the totals of the charges listed in each report.

    In December, these came to their bank in two deposits, one for $816.50 and one for $217.50; and in December, they were combined into one deposit of $1,034.00. Each month, the total was $83.50 different from what the settlement report shows. I don't think this represents the transaction fee as it was only different on the expected settlement for the 2nd of the month, so I don't think that is what's happening. The other possibility is that one or more of the eChecks was not honored, but I cant see where I can find that information to determine which ones, if any didn't process properly. Can you help me sort this out?

    The client is Salt Pond Broadcasting and their SF number is 00Do0000000e6Y2 and I have granted you login.

    Beverly Hacker

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    Good morning - I haven't received an answer on this one. Can one of you at C&P weigh in and let me know if you can help me with this.


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      Good day!

      Transaction fees are not deducted with each batch. Fees are deducted at the end of the month and shown in the statement.

      I suggest that you request access to the Transaction Central (TC) by submitting a help desk ticket at -- the TC is Transfirst's online system that shows the transaction deposits and their status. It is the best way to reconcile such discrepancies. TC access is free for Click & Pledge clients.

      Please allow 5-7 days for the account to be set up.

      If you still have an issue after reviewing the TC let us know so we track each order number accordingly as we truly do not have access to "deposit" information.
      Click & Pledge Support Department

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