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Settlement report for a date range

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  • Settlement report for a date range

    Hi - I see that the settlement reports can only be ran for one specific date. Is there any way to do this for a date range so that I dont have to export 30 little reports to do my bank reconciliations?
    Thank you!

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    Am I to assume by the lack or responses that their really is no way to do this?
    How does everyone else do their bank reconciliations? Am I missing something?


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      Good day!

      The settlement reports are on a daily basis. You may also submit a support ticket and request access to the Transfirst's Transaction Central which offers you what Transfirst has for the settlements. The request typically takes about 3-5 days for processing by Transfirst.

      The settlement report is not really the actual report of what has deposited. Gateways do not provide that service as a live request. The report is simply the transaction day + 48 business hour as that is the time it takes for the deposit to show in your account. The report you also get from Transfirst using Transaction Central will show when Transfirst has disbursed the funds but the actual time it will show in your account depends on your institution.

      Every midnight the transactions for the day are submitted for settlement so if 100 people donate to your organization today all 100 transactions will be submitted for settlement. Once settled, at midnight they are submitted for deposits. So the schedule works like the following:

      - Monday: 100 transactions are made to your account.
      - Monday at midnight all transactions are batched and sent for settlement.
      - Tuesday the transactions are forwarded for deposit
      - Wednesday: Deposit should appear in your account

      If you want you can simply download the report for all transactions and add 48 hours to the transaction date and that should be the date that the deposit should appear in your account.

      Hope that answers your question.

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