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  • Customizing simple basket


    I'm new to C&P. I've been looking through the documentation of the API and for my needs the functionality of the simple basket provided will be just fine - however I'm wondering if there's a way to customize the look of it? Also, I would love to add a button that allows the user to return to shopping - a simple javascript back button would be sufficient. Is there any way to add this functionality to the existing application?

    Thank you

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    For redirect to the base page see this article:

    The basket system is not customizable. You may want to use the FaaS platform where you have full control over what you post to the system. It is not as involved as the API and it is a simple form that posts to our forms processor.
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      Thanks for your response. I'm not entirely sure you understood my question. I have a client who has multiple products defined in your system and they want a fully functional shopping basket application that integrates with Click and Pledge. The Simple Basket application provided by Click and Pledge does not let the user add more items to the basket once they are on the Simple Basket page. They can only update the quantity of the item that they have added. While it may be possible for the user to click the back button to return to the page, or go to another tab and resume shopping, it is not obvious to the user that it is possible to do so. So, to most users the Simple Basket that is provided by Click and Pledge appears only to be a checkout page.

      Certainly there must be other clients who want to use Click and Pledge this way, as this is a standard feature in e-commerce applications. Do you have any suggestions on how to achieve this functionality through Click and Pledge's systems? While I don't claim to have a full understanding of the API, it appears to me that the API only acts as a payment gateway to validate or reject payments, not as a shopping cart - or am I mistaken?

      If not, does Click and Pledge provide any payment gateway modules for Ubercart?

      I am only asking these questions so I don't "reinvent the wheel" unless I have to.

      Thanks for your help!