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I'm not receiving receipt

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  • CnP.Support
    Good day!

    The email is set to go to: [email protected]

    That email should get a copy of the email. If you are not getting it I strongly recommend that you add another email, e.g. a gmail account and see if the Gmail is also not getting it. If you receive it in Gmail and not your organization's email then the issue is with your mail server - perhaps it is taking it as spam, etc.

    Please test it by adding another email separated with semicolon and let us know the result.

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  • rtania
    started a topic I'm not receiving receipt

    I'm not receiving receipt

    I would like to know how come I'm not receiving receipts anymore. A person who made a donation emailed me the receipt and I didn't receive it. What can I do?
    I checked the account info and it is still the same email.
    It is for this donation page.