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    We are handling payment for auction items for another organization and getting to keep the proceeds. We do not have devices available that are compatible with Swiper1. What is the simplest page that I could put on our website where we can manually enter all the necessary data to accept credit cards and cash for items that are purchased? We don't know item description or sale price in advance.

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    Good day!

    You have several options:
    1. Swiper1 mobile app does not need the hardware to work. It allows for addition of items without price (designed for auctions) and then processed using the mobile phone, Android or iOS
    2. Virtual Terminal - available in Salesforce & Connect you may easily process any transaction and item by adding the price and item name in the fields.
    3. Custom form: Using our API you may define a form that has both item name and quantity as variables. Here is the link to the manual:
    You may extend the following example:

    & make the name also a field to be entered manually.

    Hope that answers your question.

    By the way- I deleted your duplicate post. Since you are new to the forum all your messages have to be moderated for relevance (not spam) before approved. Once you reach 3 approved messages the system will no longer set you for moderation. So please do not post messages multiple times.

    Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
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