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No notification of payment sent to me

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  • No notification of payment sent to me

    Until March 31, I received a cc of payments acknowledgements made to our account via c&p. Since then I have not, and several donations have not been acknowledged AS FAR AS I KNOW. I had not changed anything in my profile and it seems to have been working before then.

    I just checked a second account, and I have not been receiving acknowledgements of payment for them either! In both cases the payment appears to have been credited to the corresponding salesforce records correctly but have NOT been put in the temporary contact, and thanks have not been sent that i can determine.

    Both of these were working ok until recently. I THINK.
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    Good day!

    I am a bit confused about your email. I would like to get answers to each question:

    1: By acknowledgement are you referring to the copy of the receipt that we send with each transaction?
    2: Salesforce: If the payment has been credited correctly why do you expect it to be in the C&P Temporary Contact. If in C&P Temp the payment will not show anywhere else until made into a contact.

    Please provide more information so we can review the issue. You may also join our daily office hour so we can review your setting live.
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