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Transaction Order Number Not Matching Deposit

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  • Transaction Order Number Not Matching Deposit

    We just opened registration to our conference using C&P event management app. We are seeing the credit card transactions in Salesforce and showing up in our specificed bank account. However the order number that is recorded in Salesforce as well as C&P is not the same number that is in the deposit details. For example Order #1405231222211800612 is for $620 but in our deposit record on the bank statement it comes in like this:

    TRANSFIRST LLC BKCD STLMT 140527 39300980873797 39300980873797 HEALTHY TEEN NETWORK 052314

    Clearly the first 6 numbers do not match the C&P order number. We have 4 credit card transactions and none of the order numbers match. Since there is no other identifying information we need to be able to track these payments and match them. We will have hundreds of registrations coming and cannot rely on dollar amounts to match. Is this an internal error or is there a setting that needs to be changed? Or do you have a suggestion on how to match the transaction with the deposit?