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C&P Integration with Infusionsoft using Cart Connect

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  • C&P Integration with Infusionsoft using Cart Connect

    We are looking to use Infusionsoft as our CRM instead of SalesForce. I've reached out to Cart Connect, which offers to integrate payment processors with CRM software via a direct, server to server connection. Is that possible using Click and Pledge?

    Here's more info from Cart Connect:

    "Cart Connect can integrate InfusionSoft with any processor that you choose, in any country, as long as they allow a direct, server-to-server connection. This means that we connect InfusionSoft directly to the processor's servers. When a transaction is processed, infusionSoft handles all the details of the payment and our integration is invisible to both you as the owner of the application as well as to your customers. Our integration allows InfusionSoft to perform exactly as it would with any other processor InfusionSoft works with.

    Just as a note: we cannot connect InfusionSoft to a hosted payment solution (meaning that you, or your customer must fill out a page on the payment processor's site for each payment), or any other solution where the processor must save the customer data and/or the credit card information on their servers. InfusionSoft cannot work with redirect URLs or 3d-Secure. InfusionSoft holds and manages all the data. InfusionSoft is a secure, PCI compliant system."

    Can you tell me if this would work for us to integrate Click and Pledge with Infusionsoft? I appreciate any support or suggestions you may have.

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    Good day!

    We have a complete API platform that is exactly what is being described. Please see:

    Our API offers 2 solutions: SOAP service where an XML needs to be posted for processing and the other is our form wrapper where form fields may be defined and posted for processor - see:

    The API implementation requries Infusionsoft to be integrated with our API. We can gladly talk to them and help them with integration.
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