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Recurring "Do Not Honor" message

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  • CnP.Support
    Good day!

    When a recurring is declined we don't run it anymore. Once a card declines it has over 90% probability to decline again in a month. We used to run declines after 2 weeks and a month but clients were incurring costs due to the authorization fees and as such we stopped running them again.

    If you wish for us to run a declined transaction again please let us know and we will run them again. If a card is run after a decline it will be put on schedule if it authorizes but will skip a month to avoid showing up twice on a card holder's statement since it will increase the dispute rate.

    Recurring dates are done by system internal calls with date addition. It is the same as it works in Excel. A transaction done on January 30 as a monthly recurring will run on February 28 and the next month will be on March 28. This date peculiarity is the reason why we have most donations processed as recurring on February 28 since all 29, 30, 31 recurring transactions will eventually end up in February 28 and then 28 day of the month thereafter.

    Hope that answers your question.

    Please let us know if we can be of more assistance.

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  • dstoker
    How will it work for future scheduled payments? Does this "Do Not Honor" message effectively stop the recurring schedule or will the system try again in a day or so for this attempt? What about the next month, will it try again according to the schedule, unless we cancel the recurring payment?

    Do you have a recommendation or insight as to the changing dates? How should a recurring payment work on months of less that 31 days if it was setup on the 31st of a month?


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  • CnP.Support
    Good day!

    The "Do Not Honor" message by the bank is a bit confusing at times since it means many things - In general the message is posted back to us by banks based on the following conditions:
    • Card declines due to insufficient available credit - so in this case "Do Not Honor" means the bank does not honor it or simply declines it.
    • Card is replaced by another number and this specific expiration date or number is not honored anymore.
    • Card type is not honored

    Our experience shows the message mostly means a general decline.

    We have no control over these messages - we simply report what the bank sends us. It is always best for the card holder to contact the bank and ask for the reason for decline.

    Not sure that my comments are of much help.

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  • dstoker
    started a topic Recurring "Do Not Honor" message

    Recurring "Do Not Honor" message

    We are having trouble with a recurring gift.
    In November 2013 it was denied due to an expiration date issue. We cancelled, worked with the donor and attempted to set up with his new card that was the same CC number but new expiration/CVV.
    We attempted on Dec 25th and we received a Do Not Honor rejection message
    We attempted again on Dec 31st, same card info, no recollection of taking different action, and it went through, a recurring payment was created and the first payment went through on that date.
    Our account number: 18016
    Order Number: 1312311738291885895

    Then subsequent recurring payments on that schedule were not on consistent days:
    Feb 1st success
    Feb 28th success
    March 28th denied "Do Not Honor" message

    Is the fact that it is the same card, only with a different EXP/CC giving the system problems (Dec 25th and Mar 28th Do Not Honor messages)?
    and/or is the 31st date giving the system problems? (March 28th is before the recurring date of 31st so it was not honored, but it attempted the 28th since it last processed on the 28th of Feb)

    Can you give me any insights? This is the third time we've had to setup/cancel/restart a recurring schedule with this donor.