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Multiple Donation Options on one Checkout Page -- most compact approach?

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  • Multiple Donation Options on one Checkout Page -- most compact approach?

    We have a situation in which our members make donations with a number of different designations. Specifically, they can contribute to one or more of a number of ads in our show program. I am trying to find the most compact and simple way (easy for users) to do it on a checkout page. Since each person can contribute any amount to any ad (and to any number of the ads), I set it up as a long list of Donation lines -- a few with default suggested donations but most with a blank donation amount. It's simple, but results in a very long list to scroll through. Because each is 100% tax deductible but can be entered as any amount, none of the Products & Memberships options seem to work. Is there a way to make it a single table with one line per item amount, so it would be a more compact list on the page?

    The current page is at:

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    Good day!

    Have you considered a FaaS form? Do you have anyone that can set up an HTML for you?

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    For example a form such as:

    We also have a client services department that can develop a custom form for you. There is an additional fee for it. Majority of our clients design their own forms using our API forms if they have an HTML developer.

    Let me know if the above helps you with the problem.
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      We're all volunteers, so getting someone to commit the time and skills for API forms was ruled out early. However, I hadn't looked at the FAAS option. I'll read up on it and give it a try. That looks like it might be just what I need. Thank you.