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Can I remove option pricing for event sign-up on a friendly checkout page?

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  • Can I remove option pricing for event sign-up on a friendly checkout page?

    I'd like to use a friendly check-out page for registration for a reception. There is no specific cost for attending, as we're offering the chance to make a contribution in any amount, regardless of attendance.

    In setting up the yes/no options for attendance, I left the price field for both options blank, but it shows up as $0 on the check-out page:

    In the page set-up, however, the option pricing field indicates this isn't visible to users; maybe that only refers to the tax-deductible amount and not the total amount?

    Is it possible to prevent the amount from appearing next to the options?

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    Good day @BHurley,

    You cannot use the checkout pages for $0 item products. Products have to have a price and $0 is not a valid price.

    You may use donation fields for this purpose but the Friendly design only has 1 donation field.

    The Tax Deductible portion is not visible to the users and it only appears on the receipts.

    If you wish to use the contribution then you have to use the radio button with preset amounts and the other field. A minimum of 3 fields is required:

    Using the above form they may choose from any of the 3 options or add a different amount. The pages are designed to be fixed in certain features.

    You may want to use a FaaS form if you have someone that can set up an HTML form for you. Here are some examples:

    The catalog pages allows for open text fields but that form does not allow for $0 processing either. The wizard driven forms do not offer $0 processing but you can add unlimited donation fields with open field design to the Catalog pages.
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