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    I'm having an issue with a product discount. IT seems that I'm only able to make discounts on Product Options and not on Products themselves. Is there some way to get around this?

    The specifics of my situation are that on our Gift Shop page (click here to see), I'm trying to make a discount to buy two sets of "Note Cards (packs of 8)", get the 3rd free. I can make this discount apply easy enough to each option in the product, but I would really like the discount to apply even if someone picks three different options all within that product.

    Any suggestions on how this might be possible?

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    Product Discounts

    There is no way to set it up to include three different options from product into one discount. This is an interesting idea and something we will check on adding into the new designs that will be released in version four. We will evaluate adding it into the catalog page and see if there is something we can do. We are trying to keep the admin system as simple as possible for users.

    If I may suggest one solution that would be your best option at the moment. Add a new product and call it "packaged cards" or whatever you would like, and then add a custom question at the end to find out which cards they would like in the package. This way you can set the discount for the product itself say of 3 cards and have them select the three they want in the package. The product with the options could just be for individual purchase.

    Jamie Lytton
    Support Department


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      I am also facing same issue in the discount and wanna make discount on products themselves, If any one xan help on this, please let me know.