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Recurring donation expires after 23 payments despite end date

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  • Recurring donation expires after 23 payments despite end date


    We are using PaaS integration with Salesforce version 6.9.

    We had processed two recurring donations using contact's reference transactions. Once I entered the recurring donations using "credit card" versus a "reference transaction" the recurring donations which start on a future date do appear to be set up correctly. (We'll see for sure when the first payment date rolls around.)

    Please do either grey out reference transaction as an option for recurring donations or return an error message if reference transaction is chosen. It's too difficult to troubleshoot at our end with no error messages.

    The recurring payments, though, are not set up in accordance with the end date entered.

    In one case I used an end date of 12/31/2014 and the recurring donation was set up for 23 payments with the last scheduled for 1/5/2015.

    In the next case, I set the recurring donation up with no end date. Again, the recurring donation was set up with 23 payments.

    How do we set up the end date correctly in virtual terminal?

    Thank you. - Diane

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    In release 7.0 we have disabled the reference transaction for FUTURE DATE recurring. It was not detected before the release and it is fixed in the upcoming release. If the date is moved to a future date then reference transaction will be disabled.

    I am going to pass this on to our testing team to find out if it is a bug (undocumented feature) or an incorrect setup.
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