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confused about required fields in the autoresponder

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  • confused about required fields in the autoresponder

    I am trying to set up an autoresponse for our general donation form, and I'm creating the conditions when the autoresponder will be sent. Basically, I just need it to send for all cases where WID=(a specific thing) and a custom question has a particular answer.

    But it seems there are other fields (Campaign and SKU) that are also required, but are irrelevant for this "general donation" response.

    How do I handle this?

    ~ Amanda

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    Autoresponder and in general most of the features for customization take advantage of SKU as a unique identifier for an item in the purchase list

    So using an SKU will help you a great deal. Simply add a node to your form as SKU:

    <input name="SKU1" type="hidden" id="SKU1" value="DON-123" />

    make sure the number after SKU matches the rest of your names.

    One can do a lot by implementing a unified naming convention- for example:

    SKU = FUND-Building-1234

    Then in Salesforce you can add filters for SKU starts with, ends with, includes, or IS and simply filter and take action based on the SKU. Different forms may post to the same Salesforce instance and based on the naming convention result in similar or different behavior. SKU addition adds an entirely new degree of freedom to your forms and how they interact with Salesforce.
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      Apparently I should have used the delete button to remove the field from the scenario. I had failed to notice the button because I thought all the fields were required (red bar next to each field)

      ~ Amanda