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Math Errors in Example XML

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  • Math Errors in Example XML

    Unless you're intending to demonstrate what an error response looks like, I'd suggest the following changes to make your example XML request valid (i.e. successful):

    Line 169: Change the value from "1" to "100". The discount total (line 206) seems to suggest that you intended this field to be a $1 discount instead of a $0.01 discount.

    Line 206: Change the value from "60100" to "120200". Looks like you just forgot to double it to take account for the quantity.

    Line 210: Change the value from "416500" to "356400". Erroneous grand total due to a bad total discount.

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    Sample XML


    The previous example was not designed to be run- it was only as an example for seeing the XML nodes, etc.

    As suggested we changed the sample to be correct with proper values. The XML file will run if the GUID, UserID, and Password are set per the administrative area.

    Please let us know if we can answer any questions you may have.

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