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Donation page not consistently transmitting data to C&P for processing

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  • Donation page not consistently transmitting data to C&P for processing


    We're having a major problem with our donation page. It does not consistently transmit data to C&P for donation processing. We tested the page and know with certainty that it can process donations because we've seen donations that are successfully processed and declined. We've also seen data submitted through our donation form to C&P and nothing happens.

    The donor inputs his/her data in the donation form then clicks submit. The screen refreshes and shows: (1) the donation page without a message informing the donor whether or not the transaction was successfully processed or declined, (2) the Donor's contact information they submitted earlier, and (3) the credit card information fields are blank although the other part of the form still contains the data they inputted. As a result, the Donor continues to click on the "submit" button and cannot successfully or unsuccessfully submit a transaction. I'm concerned they click on "submit" too many times that they become blocked on C&P's system.

    I checked w/ the office at C&P they confirm that they didn't see these transactions (the ones where processing is unclear) go through. These transactions were made by A. Miller and P. Michels.

    I think there may be an issue with the "submit" button. Perhaps it's unclear what should happen with the data.

    Our URL is Will someone please look at our page and recommend a solution?