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Credit Card attaching to different the Contact

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  • Credit Card attaching to different the Contact


    We are having some issues with Credit Card details attaching to the contact person...

    Sample Scenario:

    Anna (company contact) purchases a ticket through our C&P Event and uses a credit card (with the CEO's name on it - Peter).. so when she processes the transaction, and we release it, the Peter's credit card is attached to her. Is there a workaround to this? So that the Peter's credit card actually attaches to his contact or not have it attach to Anna?
    What is the normal procedure for such scenario?

    Thank you.

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    Good day nextgen

    The credit card "USED" is not attached to a Contact but it is set for a Transaction. The card reference is not a lookup for contact and is simply a reference to all the transactions done by that user.

    At this time there is no way to change it since the transaction is being associated with a Contact. If you want you can change the Transaction Contact and that will change the contact for whom the credit card will show. Please note that if you do this the opportunities will be related to one contact and the transaction to another contact.

    Hope that helps.
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