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    With much effort and help from Kami last semester, I set up Events to manage class registration. I have skus set to credit opportunities with registrations in particular courses, and that works fine. But with ca. 25 courses a semester, many of which are taught by the same teachers as in the previous semester, I'm a little concerned about keeping skus straight. So a) is there any way I can look at a list of SKUs and what campaign and/or opportunity they will connect to? b) Does it matter if I repurpose a sku for a different campaign? c) Can I delete skus after their use in directing payment to opportunities and campaigns is obsolete?

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    Good day @briegul

    a) Sorry, there is NO such view.

    b) Yes, you may use a SKU for multiple Campaigns.

    c) Yes, you may delete the SKU's after directing the payments. It is all your wish.

    Hope that answers your questions. Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
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