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  • Decline Reason - Invalid Amount

    We have had several transactions over the last few days show up as a Decline Reason of Invalid Amount. What would be causing this? Our donors are irritated and we would like to be able to give them an explanation.

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    Good day @jamietsauer

    We have reviewed the transactions which you are referring to and noticed that those has been processed through your FaaS Form: We found that those transaction has been declined with $0 amount.

    We reviewed your FaaS form and found that there are few issues in the form code which is causing issues and resulting declined with $0 amount.

    As per the code, we found that the radio button for [Other] is not connected internally to the text field beside the radio button where the user will enter the numbers. That is why, when user is selecting [Other] radio button, though there is any value in it, it is taking as "0" and processing it.

    Below are the details:

    Your code
    <input id="dl-other-radio" class="radio dl-radio other-radio required" type="radio" name="UnitPrice1">

    Change to
    <input id="dl-other-radio" class="radio dl-radio other-radio required" type="radio" name="UnitPrice1" value="Other1">

    Your code:
    <input id="Other1" type="number" size="10">

    Change to:
    <input id="Other1" type="number" name="Other1" size="10">

    You may need to contact the developer who developed the above form in order to resolve the issue.

    Hope that helps. Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
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