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Where do I set the bank account to receive donations?

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  • Where do I set the bank account to receive donations?

    I want to add a second bank account to our c&p account to receive monies from an annual appeal. I know the setting is here somewhere but I have been rooting around in all the settings both in Connect 2 and in our SF C&P settings, and I cannot find it. WHERE is it?!! (sorry!)

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    Good day briegull

    Bank account is not a matter related to C&P. It is between Transfirst (or the gateway used) and the client.

    If you wish to add another bank account then you need to have a separate C&P account that connects to a different bank account. We will send the new application to Transfirst and once set up we will enable it so the deposits will be made to the new account.

    You will have 2 accounts, one for each deposit account.

    If you wish to apply please go to and apply. Please make sure to indicate that this is a second account & we will waive the monthly fee for you.

    Hope that answers your question.
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      that does indeed. Thanks!